Memories in a bottle

My husband and I have a shared passion for exploring new and exciting places. For some reason, I find the new sights refreshing and much needed when things at work become too stressful. At times when we can't get away, I find that seeing mementos of past adventures help to bring those feelings back. This craft is an easy way to make a memory capsule of your favorite places while not breaking the bank or taking up a lot of storage space in your house.

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Autumn Schiele
polaroid zink photo squares

I am what many would call a photo fanatic. I can't take even a trip without my trusty Canon 5d in tow. Our world is now a digital one where pictures are filled away in folders or buried in your Instagram feed. There's just something about having images you can hold in your hand that makes art come alive.

My sweet hubby recently gave me a Polaroid Zink printer and I have been looking for the perfect project to use them on and came up with a craft - photo squares! Follow along below to make your own. 

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